Batman talks to a large group of students about not being a bully.

Students Hear a Special Message from a Superhero

Batman traveled to several different schools in Marshall County to talk to students about how they can be a superhero against bullying.

Thursday, the Caped Crusader made stops at Center McMechen
Elementary, McNinch Primary and Sand Hill Elementary. Students at Cameron
Elementary, Glen Dale Elementary and Washington Lands Elementary heard his
message Friday.

During the special assemblies, the World’s Greatest
Detective encouraged each student to look out for one another and to treat each
other with respect. Students were inspired and motivated to be a superhero

Batman talked about why children sometimes bully others and
how it can become a vicious cycle throughout the years, even using his own
experiences of being bullied as an example. The superhero also told students
the people who bully are oftentimes very troubled. In order to combat bullying,
everyone needs to offer kind words and show positive actions to counteract the
unkind remarks.

“Tough things in life will make you stronger,” exclaimed Batman.
“I had my own struggles while in school and that’s the reason behind why I
chose to become the world’s only full time Batman, to help empower our youth
and communities.”

The Dark Knight is part of a group called Heroes for Hire
(H4H). The name is a play on words the organization developed to go along with
its four empowering points: Never give up; Always do the right thing; Help
other people; Never be a bully. The mission of H4H is to inspire children to
“Be the Hero.”

Batman’s visit was arranged by Center McMechen Elementary
School Counselor Charlene Frazier. “I am very impressed with the program,”
explained Frazier. “The Heroes for Hire message is age appropriate and just
what our students need to hear.”